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OsteoStrong Park Avenue

"My back pain is gone!"


OsteoStrong Park Avenue

"A 30% increase in bone density in a few months"


OsteoStrong Park Avenue
OsteoStrong Park Avenue
OsteoStrong Park Avenue

100% Success Rate of Improving DEXA Scan Results

OsteoStrong Park Avenue is results driven. Since Shawn took over the center last year, we have a 100% success rate increasing bone density. Our members have graciously allowed us to post their before and after Dexa Scan results after one year at OsteoStrong Park Avenue. These members were not on any Osteoporosis medications. They have equally increased their overall strength and balance as well.

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5-Star Google Reviews

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Alexa Hirschberg
5 months

AMAZING staff. Truly feel such a difference in my body, energy levels, and just overall being! Cannot emphasize enough how wonderful OsteoStrong is.

Jaime Nardolillo
4 months

10/10 customer service. Facilities were extremely clean and staff was more than friendly and professional. After one service I already felt better and can't wait to go back again!

Sophie Benedetti
5 months

Excellent facility - clean, friendly staff, top of the line equipment! Very excited for my journey with OsteoStrong and strengthening not only my body but my mind as well!

Alex Long
4 months

Kenzi is nothing more than exceptional. Perfect service, great atmosphere, and has a really great team behind her.

Olivia Byxbee-Jones
6 months

Wow! I love Osteostrong. I have increased my strength and posture significantly. I love how knowledgable the staff is and my sessions are always fun. It's the best 15 minutes of my week.

Carline Paris
6 months

I really enjoy the exercises and the explanation that was giving why that type of machinery was used and for what purpose, the environment is really welcoming and inviting. The day after my body wasn’t sore and I have a lot of energy.

Natonya Zalubowski Barchi
7 months

Clean facility with friendly, caring, encouraging, knowledgeable, and professional staff.

Lisa Ann
6 months

The science behind the OsteoStrong program is compelling. My relief in finding a wellness center that allows me to build bone naturally is tremendous. I'd encourage anyone looking to optimize musculoskeletal health to head on over!

Maria Cruz
1 month

The staff was very welcoming and the whole Osteo Strong concept was very informative. Alia was very attentive to what my needs were she listened to all I had to say and broke down what I should expect from their services.

Andre Benzer
6 months

Had my introductory session at OsteoStrong’s Park Avenue location the other week and I was blown away. It’s an amazing facility with state of the art equipment and a phenomenal staff. I plan on checking out their Upper West Side location soon as well.

Fritzie Paul
6 months

I went in to learn about the osteo strong treatment. Mackenzie and Sherilyn were helpful, welcoming, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. The explanation of the success of the treatment made sense and I can’t wait to begin improving my bone mass. Thanks.

Triona Cuddy
4 months

Huge fan! Went in for my first session and met with Kenzi. She was so helpful, I’ll definitely be going back!

Why Our Members Choose Osteostrong


Get rid of expensive painkillers or bone density medications by improving skeletal health at the source of pain.


Reverse the clock and start feeling like your old self with only 10 minutes of no-sweat exercise per week.


Become more confident with your movement in your simple day to day tasks that fits your lifestyle.

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OsteoStrong Park Avenue
OsteoStrong Park Avenue
OsteoStrong Park Avenue
OsteoStrong Park Avenue
OsteoStrong Park Avenue
OsteoStrong Park Avenue
OsteoStrong Park Avenue
OsteoStrong Park Avenue
OsteoStrong Park Avenue

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